The Process for Employing a Permanent Nanny

Employing a Permanent Nanny

1. Complete and send us the Employer Registration Form Once we have received these we will call you to discuss the position and to gain a greater understanding of the type of person that would work well and match your family. We need to know what you expect your nanny to be like in terms of experience, age, qualification and very importantly, personality. To ensure a good working relationship it is crucial to find a nanny who has similar ideas, values and beliefs as you and your family.

2. We will send you an invoice for the Registration Fee of $75. This deposit comes off the total placement fee for your nanny. It is not an additional fee.

3. Once we have received the Registration Fee we will call you about the profiles of nannies that may be suitable for your needs. When you have made your selection we will notify the nanny.

4. The nanny you have selected will call you to introduce herself, discuss the position and arrange an interview time. Daisycare will have given the Nanny a brief description of the position and the requirements. Please take this opportunity to briefly tell the nanny about the specifics of the job.

5. We have available valuable information and hints for you to use when interviewing your nanny such as Nanny Interview Sheet, and Nanny Induction Day.

6. Once the interview has taken place we will do a follow up call to both parties to determine how we should proceed. If you would like to continue searching we will clarify the requirements and begin another search for you.

7. Daisycare Nanny Agency will provide you with a model of contract that will be required to be drawn up between the Nanny and you the Employer outlining the terms and conditions of permanent employment.

8. A copy of this Employment contract is to be given to Daisycare Nanny Agency for their records of your application.

9. Once you have found the perfect nanny, an invoice with the outstanding amount of the Placement Fee will be emailed to you. This amount is due within 7 days of the nanny’s commencement date or before commencement date.

10. Daisycare encourages carers to register with Family Assistance and become a registered provider to allow families to recover child care benefit. See Family Assistance Office for further information.

11. You will receive regular follow up calls from us within the first 2 weeks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your nanny.

12. Should things not work out for you and your nanny within the first 4 weeks we will find a replacement for you at no additional cost.

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