Mummy Nanny

These are Professional Nannies who have years of experience having time off from their usual Nanny Positions to have children of their own. A Mummy Nanny can come to work and still do what they love and care for their own children at the same time. The Mummy Nanny gets to take their child to work with them each day along with their food, nappies and porta-cot etc and your child will be cared for by a professional, experienced nanny at a reduced rate.
Nannies do not care for the children in their own home as this is classified as Family Day Care or In-Home Based Care for which the Nanny would need to register with Family Day Care Australia as an Approved In-Home Provider.
When using a Mummy Nanny consider what will be needed for the home e.g. an extra high chair, sleeping arrangements and equipment required. Be aware of Child to Nanny Ratios as you or the Mummy Nanny may have more one child. Our Mummy Nannies find that they pay more attention to your child and are more disciplined with their own child.

Here are some Tips for a successful Nanny Placement

  • Share with a family that lives close to you so you avoid long travel time.
  • Discuss the type of nanny you both want that is ideal for your families.
  • Consider what will be needed for the home e.g. an extra high chair, sleeping arrangements and equipment required for the extra children in each other’s home.
  • Interview the Nanny together in order to make a successful match as both families need to make a joint decision on the selection of the perfect Nanny.
  • Determine who is going to take responsibility for the Nannies payment, either separately or does one family pay the other.
  • Communication is the key to a successful Share A Nanny Placement. A Communication Diary should be used one for each family for you to add to and take home with you to read.


Once off Family Registration of $75 per family and Placement Fee..

Mummy Nanny Rate is between $16-$18 per hour

The Nanny’s rate will depend on two things your budget and what the nannies will accept for the job at hand and their expected hourly rate. This of course depends on the nannies experience and expectations of the position and age of the childrens ages.

If you have a friend or know someone who has a nanny qualifications why not look at Mummy Nannies.

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