Wedding Services and Event Care

wedding_no-backgroundOur Daisycare Wedding Nannies and their efforts give the bride, groom and adult guests peace of mind and the ability to relax and enjoy the occasion knowing that the children are supervised and having fun in the care of qualified, experienced, mature, and professional Daisycare Carers.


We can provide Floaters at the ceremony or reception to assist parents when children are at the parents table we provide parents with an extra pair of hands. Stepping in when needed for the children at the table, such as when the parents meals arrive entertain the children or when speeches are on we can help the parents keep the children happy and quiet.  Our Floaters can watch the children while the parents have a dance or join in with the children. Our floater nannies do not provide care in a structured ‘crèche’ environment but are rather there to give mum and dad a break and provide an assortment of fun for those willing to get involved.

Children’s Activity Table

We can assist in the supervision of the children attending the Reception at the children’s table. We will ensure all children are assisted with their meal and drinks, supervise dinner, and assist with toileting or nappy changes and more importantly keep the entertained. Goodie Bags are a great idea something special for the occasion maybe gender-specific or they may be customized to include items specific to a particular wedding. Get every boy the same gift and another gift for every girl, if not the same gift for all.

Wedding Activity Room

We can come along to the Reception Venue and set up activities in a room or space allocated especially for the children. Daisycare Wedding Nannies can set up a room with books, craft activities, DVDs and appropriate activities for the group. We play games, and we ensure the children have a great time too. Please submit Weddings and Events Request a Estimate Form online outlining the details we require and we will provide you with a quotation for our Wedding Activity Room Services.

Daisycare Babysitters

Should the parents want to stay, no need to worry about the children staying up too late and rushing home. We can arrange evening babysitters so parents can relax and enjoy the occasion. Should your guests decide not to take their children to the wedding or reception Daisycare Nanny Agency can provide hotel babysitters, overnight nannies and share nannies at their motel or holiday accommodation home. We are registered with local accommodation providers and reception venues in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra Community and the South Coast.

For Daisycare Babysitters parents can book directly with us online our Book Online Form allows parents to provide all the details regarding the booking when, where, routine for the night and contact details for the night that will assist with the care of the children and give the Daisycare Babysitter a “heads up on the night”. At the end of each assignment parents will also receive a written evaluation of the night’s events and how the child/ren were and how their time was spent with the Daisycare Babysitter. The payment facility on our website to allows parents to process the $25 Booking Fee and allows easy bookings.

Make a Booking

We are able to provide you with business cards to mail out with your wedding invitations so that the families attending can organise their requirements directly with us or we can organise an Event booking. We are flexible and can offer custom made packages to suit your individual needs. A four hour minimum applies to all Wedding Bookings.

For Wedding Nannies please submit Weddings and Events Request a Estimate Form Online outlining the type of services and details we require to provide you with a quotation for our Services. For all bookings you receive a Profile outlining the Daisycare Babysitter’s or the Wedding Nannies experience and qualifications and for added reassurance each carer has a Photo ID for presentation at the beginning of each assignment.

We are registered with local accommodation providers and reception venues in the South Coast Shoalhaven and Illawarra Community.

For more information Wedding Services please Request an Estimate

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